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Karate Practice

Welcome to Nintai Karate Club

Patience, Perserverance and Endurance

Founded in 2003, we are a traditional Karate School that strives to take self defence back to its roots as a physical and spiritual art form. Join us on your new journey with Nintai and enjoy the following benefits.

  • Instructor with 40+ years experience

  • No previous experience or fitness required

  • Family Atmosphere

  • All ages welcome

  • Dojo in Potters Bar and Cromer

  • Intelligent Traditional Martial Arts

  • Fair costs and High standards

  • Build self-esteem and confidence

  • Relieve stress and keep fit

  • Challenging and Fun

  • Life enhancing

  • Good for personal development

  • Parent and Child Classes

  • All Instructors are CRB checked

  • FREE introductory lesson

  • New Beginners Courses

  • Ladies Self-Defence Courses

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Karate by the Sea

The art of Shotokan Karate

At Nintai Karate Club, we believe that karate can enhance your wellbeing through harmonising your mind and body which leads to self-awareness and physical and mental strength both at the Karate School and in life. When you put your heart into self defence and karate, you will learn a life skill for today, tomorrow and the future.

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Our Classes

Something For Everyone


Karate Style
Our karate style is called Shotokan. Shotokan was founded by the father of modern day karate, Master Gichin Funakoshi. Shoto was Master Funakoshi's pen name. When translated Shoto means pine waves which describes the sound of the wind rustling through pine trees on Mount Torao. Kan means building , school or house. So, Shotokan means Shoto's house or school of karate.

Shotokan karate is based on 3 pillars Kata (form), Kihon (basics) and Kumite (sparring). Learning these systems will allow you to be better prepared for defensive and counter attacking movements. Ultimately Karate-do is more than just training, it allows you to go beyond the physical movements and to use karate for life.

Practicing Karate

Self Defence

Learn practical self defence to improve your inner strength and confidence.
Using the techniques from karate we will help you improve your reactions and awareness. This will help boost your confidence and self esteem.

Karate Black Belt
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