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Time, Knowledge and Experience

Grading: Classes

Grading progression

All grades must complete a waiting period along with a minimum number of training lessons during that period. It is natural that the Chief Instructor will advise for or against a grading if the individual is not ready. A grading must not be rushed and equally it must be taken to show progress and to give the student a sense of achievement.

For Dan grades permission must be sought from the Chief Instructor. Dan grades are required to attend 2 courses prior to the 6 months of grading. Full application and further requirements are available from the Chief Instructor.

Temporary grade - a student may receive a 'Temporary' grade, which means that they are not quite up to the required standard. They can however wear the same belt and train on the same syllabus as if they were a full grade. In the next grading the student will either confirm the temporary grade or move up to the next grade if they have achieved the required standard.

Re-takes - Students who fail kyu grades can re-take their grading after 3 months. Students who fail a Dan grading must wait a minimum of 3 months, unless specified by the examiner. 

Grading belt timing

10th Kyu (White) 2 to 3 months to 9th Kyu (Orange)
9th Kyu (Orange) 3 months to 8th Kyu (Red)
8th Kyu (Red) 3 months to 7th Kyu (Yellow)
7th Kyu (Yellow) 3 months to 6th Kyu (Green)
6th Kyu (Green) 3 months to 5th Kyu (Purple)
5th Kyu (Purple) 3 months to 4th Kyu (Purple White)
4th Kyu (Purple White) 3 months to 3rd Kyu (Brown)
3rd Kyu (Brown) 3 months to 2nd Kyu (Brown 1White Stripe)
2nd Kyu (Brown 1White Stripe) 3 months to 1st Kyu Brown 2White Stripes)
1st Kyu (Brown 2White Stripes) 1 year  to 1st Dan (Black)
1st Dan (Black) 2 years to 2nd Dan (Black)
2nd Dan and above are graded after gaining appropriate experience and having trained during the required waiting period.

Karate Practice
Grading: Welcome
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